Anti-Epidemic Double
Anti-Epidemic Double

Anti-Epidemic Double

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Empty table box with 6 drawers for personal protective equipment.   

Widely used in offices, workshops, hair and beauty salons, showrooms, hotels,  restaurants, bars, at home, …

Ideal storage of personal protective equipment for protection against virus infection.

This empty box has 6 separate drawers for protective equipment. 

You can choose items from our list of personal protective equipment.

The icons on the box illustrate which personal protective equipment is stored in it.

At the bottom of the box are 4 foam pads to prevent sliding on the surface.

Personal protective equipment is not included in the price.

Material: Coloured MDF - certified

Available colors: black, orange, yellow, green, brown

Dimension of the box: 365x155x450 mm

B2B personalization option:

Custom made design if more than 20 PCS ordered.