About us

Our mission is to provide you and your customers with a seamless hygiene experience!



We are Kaleido. We just love making creative, flexible, and highly exclusive individual solutions and products. To satisfy our client's very special needs, we like to connect with some other master craftsmen just to get those details right. That’s why every one of our projects is impeccable and always driven by our everlasting ambition for challenges.



We have no room for the classics, but we always create new creative solutions for each customer. 



We guarantee the delivery of completely individualized products in an optimally short time and the option to order smaller quantities.



We do not offer our products directly to the end-user only, but we can adapt our ideas to each and every customer individually.



Our unrivaled creative and production capabilities extend across every business category and consumer segment and include strategy, planning, creative development, and integrated production. Not only that we meet your goals, but we also create an amazing and unique brand experience, because we offer countless possibilities. 



is our key benefit. Our broad capabilities in production guarantee efficient workflow; switching quickly to changing demand and customer-oriented production under one roof. 



Granting the wishes of demanding clients is a matter of utter attention to detail. In the search for perfection, we made a step forward and prepared an elegant line of products that reflects a seamless hygiene experience and sophisticated elegance with an emphasis on detail. 



Our fully customizable Anti-Epidemic Products offer businesses an added touchpoint to connect with customers and employees; helping them convey the message that health & safety is the #1 priority.



A simple act of care combined with a powerful message helps you to put hygiene at the forefront of your business.