Anti-Epidemic Resident

Anti-Epidemic Resident

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Floor stand with an automatic disinfectant dispenser.

Widely used in apartment buildings, pharmacies, schools, ...

Floor stand and Dibond plate in attractive design with an automatic disinfectant dispenser, notice board and waste bin.

Notice board allows space for two A4 paper size.

The volume of the dispenser: 1000 ml

It releases about 1 ml each time.

Easy to fill in – instructions enclosed in the packaging.

Support 4 batteries type C.

Light indicator for low power.

There is a shelf below the dispenser that prevents the dropping of the disinfectant on the basis.

Batteries and disinfectant are not included in the price.


Base:400x400 mm
Plate: 500x1800 mm
Shelf: 200x160 mm

Waste bin: 400x500x200 mm


B2B personalization option:

Custom made design if more than 20 PCS ordered.